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If you would like to help make the 2016 St. Pat's Parade the Best Ever, become a member of Blarney Club today.


The St. Pat's Parade takes place on Saturday, March 19th at 11:00am on Pine Street in Downtown Rolla. In order to be eligible for reimbursements and receive points for participating in the parade, a float must be entered, approved, and paraded down Pine Street.

To enter a float or non-float each organization must first email their (non-)float concept/title to Trevor Gehlert at The concept/title must be in adherence to the 2016 theme "St.Pat's goes to the movies" In the case of two or more organizations entering the same concept, it will be decided on a first come first served basis. Also, float concepts will have preference over non-float concepts. Once the concept is approved organizations must fill out the entry form attached at the end of this packet by February 18th for student entries. Once the entry form is turned in and approved, your organization will be sent information regarding line-ups and other day of parade information. In order for a float to be entered and approved it must meet the following criteria:

While in the parade, the floats will be judged by distinguished members of Missouri S&T and the Rolla community. They will use the following criteria to judge the floats:

The organization with the first place float will have the option to build the next year's Queens' Float. If all the criteria are met for the Queens' Float that organization will automatically be awarded at least second place. First place float was awarded to Beta Sigma Psi in 2015; they have the option to build the 2016 Queens' Float.

Organizations who decide not to build a float have the option of participating in the Parade by entering a non-float. The non-float must adhere to the theme and be approved by Trevor Gehlert. The non-float will not be judged and will only be awarded the non-float points.

Parade Entry

If you would like to enter a float in the Parade or have any questions about the parade please contact Trevor Gehlert via

All entries please provide information regarding what kind of float you would like to enter into the parade (rolling, walking, band, animals, etc.). The form for entry can be found here!

Parade Advertising

Contact Joseph Loesche if you would like to purchase an advertisement in the 2016 St. Pat's Parade.