General Rules for the 2019 St. Pats Celebration
  1. The winner of the overall 2019 St. Pat’s award will be determined by a point system laid out on this page of this packet.
  2. Uncategorized bonus points may also be awarded. Your organization’s St. Pat’s chair or president will be informed of extra bonus point opportunities prior to such events.
  3. Any student member of a Missouri S&T recognized student organization (RSO), community, fraternity or sorority (including social, service, and honors), department, or registered team is eligible to participate in the St. Pat's Games.
  4. Behavior that is deemed unacceptable by the University or by the St. Pat’s Board may be cause for disqualification and ineligibility to receive points.
  5. All interpretations and rulings by the St. Pat's Participation Chair are final.

Download the packet

The packet contains all the necessary forms required for participation in events.

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