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On Campus

Friday, September 7th-Friday, October 5th

Vintage Sales: From 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. every Friday after Labor Day, we will be selling a select variety of items that we still have in stock from throughout the past several years.  

Monday, October 15th-Wednesday, March 13th (excluding times when school is not in session)

2019 Campus Sales: From 9 a.m.-4 p.m. every weekday, we will be selling our new 2019 merchandise.  Throughout the school year, more merchandise will become available.

Pro Days

Every PRO day, we will be selling merchandise in the Havener Center during the Resource Fair just outside of our campus bookstore.

Sporting Events

You will often times find us at Missouri S&T football and basketball games.

Around Rolla

Saturday October 13th-Saturday March 9th (Excludes Breaks and Occasional Off-Weeks)

Saturday Sales: You will be able to find most of our 2019 merchandise outside of many stores.  Every week, you'll find us at:

-Price Chopper
-Moto Mart
-Discount Smoke
-Do Drop In
-Russ N Rena's
-Beverage Mart
-Family Center

Saturday October 13th-Friday March 15th

Local Businesses: You will find our new 2019 sweatshirts available for purchase at many local businesses including:

-Campus Book Store
-University Book & Supply
-Central Federal Savings & Loans
-Dickey Bub
-Beverage Mart
-Rolla Books & Toys
-Russ n Rena's
-Liquor Cabinet

Special Events

Phelps County Fair

We generally will have older merchandise available at the Phelps County Fair.  This is a great time to stock up on St. Pats t-shirts, but other merchandise is available.

Celebration of Nations

We also have older merchandise available at the Celebration of Nations located near the band shell on 8th and Oak.

2019 Sweatshirt Reveal

Each year, the first time you can buy your brand new sweatshirt is at the sweatshirt reveal located next to University Book & Supply starting at 3:30 p.m, the Friday of Homecoming Weekend!

Christmas Parade

At the Rolla Christmas Parade, you will find us at the corner of 9th and Pine, and in front of the Grotto.

St. Pats Events

You will find us at all of our St. Pats events including but not limited to:

  • Court Arrival (noon on Wednesday, March 14)
  • Gonzo & Games (noon-6 on Thursday, March 15 & Friday, March 116)
  • The St. Pats Parade (11 a.m. on Saturday, March 17)
  • The Grateful Board Concert (after the parade).