Daze till St Pats

Here's to the 112th best ever

In 1908, a tradition was born – the annual St. Pat’s celebration at Missouri S&T. Each year, the celebration becomes larger than life.


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2020 St Pat's Schedule

Date Event Time Location
Week 1
Monday, March 2 Snake Invasion 9 am - 4 pm On campus
Tuesday, March 3 Snake Invasion 9 am - 4 pm On campus
Wednesday March 4 Snake Invasion 9 am - 4 pm On campus
Thursday, March 5 Snake Head Count Noon - 4 pm Havener Atrium
Investiture & Grand Procession 9 pm – 10 pm Havener Atrium
Week 2
Monday, March 9 Follies Noon - 1 pm The Puck
Tuesday, March 10 Follies Noon - 1 pm The Puck
Wednesday, March 11 Follies & Court Arrival Noon - 1 pm Bandshell
Ugly Man Judging 7 pm - 11 pm St Pat’s Ball Room
Thursday, March 12 Gonzo & Games Noon - 6 pm Schuman Park
Gonzo Gives Back 9:00 AM Meet in Havener
Friday, March 13 Gonzo & Games Noon - 6 pm Schuman Park
Cudgel Judging 2:00 PM Havener Lawn
Coronation Ceremony 9:00 PM Leach Theater
Greenest House Judging 11:00 PM
Saturday, March 14 St. Pat's 5K & Beer Run 08:00 AM Pine Street
Parade 11:00 AM Pine Street
Grateful Board Festival 1:00 PM Bandshell
St. Pat’s Concert 3:00 PM City Hall
Award Ceremony 6:00 PM City Hall

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    The 2019 Best Ever St. Pat's is coming up fast, so get your green and mark your calendars for Saturday, March 16.
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    The snakes have been bashed, now on to the court announcement! Tomorrow we will learn who will portray St. Pat in 2018. Be sure to check back and see all the action from this year. For now, refresh your memory of this year’s series of events and meet your Honorary Knights!