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Sweatshirt Archive

The St. Pat’s celebration was birthed in Rolla, Missouri all the way back in 1908, but it wasn’t until 1930 that The St. Pat’s Board was officially founded. The history of the St. Pat’s celebration and The St. Pat’s Board is seemingly endless. However, we cannot forget about one of the cornerstones and most recognizable aspects of the celebration: the St. Pat’s Sweatshirt.

Our sweatshirts have been around for a very long time, but not quite as long as the celebration itself. In 1963, the first ever St. Pat’s sweatshirt was designed and produced. This photo gallery provides a list of every St. Pat’s regular sweatshirt design from 1963 until the present. Furthermore, campus organizations and Greek houses are extremely important when speaking about the history of St. Pat’s. Without them, the celebration would not be the same, and that is why we choose to include them when keeping track of our history. On top of the regular sweatshirt designs, there will be additions of past years’ hoodies, special sweatshirts, as well as back designs for campus organizations and Greek houses (Greeks). The inclusion of these not only shows the evolution of the St. Pat’s sweatshirts, but also pays homage to the campus organizations and Greek houses that have helped and continue to help make St. Pat’s what it is today: The Best EVER.

Regular Style Sweatshirts

Special Style Sweatshirts

Hoodie Style Designs

The many designs displayed below are ones that have been worked on by numerous organizations.

Every year, members of fraternities, sororities, social and service organizations, communities, and academic departments come up with a design to get printed on the back of their St. Pat’s sweatshirts to represent the organization they are a part of. These are generally referred to as “Sweatshirt Greeks.”

Delta Sigma Phi Designs

Delta Tau Delta Designs

Chi Omega Designs

General Delegation of Independents (GDI) Designs

Lambda Chi Alpha Designs

Triangle Designs